Ballet Body® workouts creatively integrate traditional body-weight resistance exercises with muscle elongating techniques to achieve maximal lengthening in the muscle fibers. Ballet Body® training uses resistive elongation techniques, isometrics, and eccentric muscle contraction training to optimize muscle fiber lengthening to guarantee bulk-free muscle development. This exercise method centered in pilates, yoga, ballet, and dance-inspired principles creates sleek definition and slimming results. Sculpt your body longer and leaner with Ballet Body® Signature Series DVDs. You can get the best results at home using the DVDs by downloading this free Signature Series workout guide designed for all levels!

Ballet Body®  Signature Series Total Body Workout DVD 

Sculpt a long and lean physique from head to toe with this total body workout utilizing muscle muscle elongation techniques proven to be both highly effective and unique. Create your own custom workout by programming any of the segments in the order you select, or combine them all together for a total body challenge. Warm-Up (5 minutes) Perform a general body warm-up with easy to follow dance movements, pliés, and dynamic stretches. Upper Body (20 minutes) Begin with body-weight resistance exercises on the mat to strengthen and sculpt the upper body and core before moving to weighted exercises including swan-like movements to create sleek and defined arms. Lower Body (20 minutes) Lengthen the muscles of the thighs while firming and shaping the back of the legs with unique, muscle-shaking barre exercises to get you results. Core (20 minutes) Work every angle of your core with muscle-tightening exercises and movements inspired by pilates and dance to strengthen, define, and sculpt a sleek mid-section. Cool Down/Stretch (10 minutes) Relax and rejuvenate your body with deep yoga and dance centric stretches for the total body. Instructional (12 minutes) Form pointers and advice on how to execute some of the key exercises in this workout DVD.

Ballet Body®  Signature Series Upper Body Workout DVD

Strengthen, sculpt, and define your upper body with this creative, results-oriented workout DVD. Begin this workout with intensely challenging your upper body and core on the mat with muscle-elongating techniques and strengthening sequences to maximize muscle fiber recruitment.  Perform Arabesque Push-Ups, Circular Planks, Down-ward Facing Dog Push-Ups, and Rock the Hips Tricep Dips to offer you innovative ways to activate your muscles.  After 25 minutes of mat work, grab a pair of dumbbells for a 20 minute nonstop, weighted arm workout that will have your arms and shoulders burning in no time.  Because the weighted arm exercises in this DVD explore a wide range of motion, light dumbbells are advised.  With the shoulder being the most unstable joint in the body, it is important to properly train and strengthen this joint with care. These dance-inspired, muscle-lengthening movements will safely sculpt sleek and defined arms, while strengthening the shoulder girdle to help increase range of motion and prevent injury. Improve your muscle definition, posture, and strength with this incredible upper body focused workout  suitable for all levels, complete with modifications and advanced options.

Ballet Body®  Signature Series Core Workout DVD

Challenge your core with Ballet Body’s dynamic, integrative training approach to help flatten the mid-section while building core strength. While cardio and diet are the essential components to reducing abdominal fat, properly training the core is the key element to achieving a flatter belly. As the abdominal muscles weaken with age, pregnancy, and a lack of exercise, the belly begins to protrude outward as a result. Ballet Body® core workout will train the abdominals to act as a “corset” to tighten and flatten your belly, while strengthening the core at the same time. Ballet Body® core workout emulates a non-surgical “tummy-tuck”. Leah has designed this workout to target your core from all angles. This complete core workout begins with standing abdominal exercises to challenge the core with balance, movement, and control. On the mat, work your core with variations in side planks and pilates-inspired abdominal exercises. Balance the ab-focused exercises with back strengthening exercises before flowing into deep stretching.

Ballet Body®  Signature Series Lower Body Workout DVD

This nonstop, muscle shaping workout is performed at the barre with exercises including Circle the Hips in Plié, Rock the Hips in Parallel, Lunges in Relevé, Diagonal Fold-overs, and variations in tucks, lifts, and bridge sequences. Train your lower body the proper way with this ultimate, no fluff, muscle-burning workout to achieve the results you have always desired from a barre workout. This calorie-burning, body-weight resistance-only workout will lengthen the thighs while creating beautiful muscle definition so you can fit into your skinny jeans, or show off your Ballet Body® legs in shorts. Lengthen the thighs, lift the seat, and sculpt the back of the legs with Ballet Body® Signature Series Lower Body workout, which gracefully ends with a deep, 13-minute yoga and dance centered stretch. Sculpt your legs longer and leaner with this challenging workout DVD suitable for all levels, complete with modifications and advanced options.


Leah Sarago began creating the core exercises of Ballet Body® in 2004 after completing a rigorous traditional weight training program while training at a body building fitness studio. With her Exercise Science background, she offered herself to all forms of training. She performed this traditional weight training program for six months continually building a bulky, overly muscular physique. Leah, a dancer all her life, preferred her body to look elegant, elongated, and lean. At this time, there was little research supporting body weight resistance or muscle-lengthening techniques. Leah became a forerunner in developing exercise techniques to lengthen the muscles. Leah completely changed her training regimen applying principles grounded in physiological principles with her background in dance training to formulate exercises centered in body-weight resistance and muscle-elongating techniques. Leah began to quickly see length in her muscles and slimming results after working her body through this fusion of ballet, pilates, yoga and dance-inspired routines. After successfully re-shaping her physique similar to a dancer’s body, Leah implemented this training system with her clients who wanted a long and lean physique utilizing only a ballet barre, yoga mat, and hand weights.

The results were phenomenal including sleek, defined muscles without bulk, inches lost, and complete physique-lengthening benefits. Ballet Body® began with a few key exercises and now has developed into an entire workout system of strengthening and lengthening exercises helping men and women achieve the phenomenal muscle elongation transformation.