General Questions

Where do I start? Should I start with DVDs or Downloads?

There are three different workout plans that you can follow: Ballet Body®  Signature Series DVD workout plan, Ballet Body® Training System 1.0, and Ballet Body®  Advanced Training System 2.0 II (BBPS II). Each of these systems offer their own advantages as outlined below to produce Ballet Body results.

Ballet Body®  Signature Series 4 Kit DVD + Workout Plan:

    • Requires all 4 Signature Series DVDs
    • No downloads
    • Great for both beginner or advanced exercisers
    • 18-week commitment
    • Ideal for those who prefer using DVDs
    • Not as diverse as the Ballet Body Training Systems 1.0 and 2.0


Ballet Body® Training System 1.0, 1.1, and 1.2

    • Utilizes almost 80 unique downloadable workouts (no DVDs)
    • For beginners to Ballet Body®
    • 24-week commitment
    • Ideal for exercisers who prefer downloading media
    • Gentle progression for beginners including Ballet Body®  Basics which is great for those new to Ballet Body® and the specific techniques/postures
    • Available on the Ballet Body App (download or watch on the app)


Ballet Body® Advanced Training System 2.0

    • Utilizes almost 48 different workouts, plus 5 DVDs (Ballet Body® Signature Series Upper/Lower/Core, Release, Warrior)
    • Ideal for exercisers who prefer downloading media
    • For advanced Ballet Body® exercisers
    • 16-week commitment
    • Available on the Ballet Body App (download or watch on the app)

How do I get the free workout plan for the Ballet Body® Signature Series?

Click on this link to access the Ballet Body Signature Series workout plan created by Leah Sarago to get the best results using the Signature Series DVDs.  This workout plan is included in the Ballet Body 4 DVD Kit.  Refer to the question above for more information about this plan and for Ballet Body results.

Can you give me personal recommendations if I send you an email?

Due to the high volume of emails I receive, I cannot answer every person personally or offer personal training advice via email. However, I have created several different resources on my website to offer you guidelines, Ballet Body results, recommendations, and answers to some of the most common questions. Please go to Ask Leah, Q and A: Downloads, or Q and A: Periodization to find answers to your questions. You can always submit your questions on our contact page. Commonly asked questions are routinely added to one of these resource pages.

How soon can I expect to see results?

The degree of Ballet Body results will vary depending on the individual and level of commitment. Some will see improvements and results in little as two weeks and others may see the significant results at 3 months. Physique changing results include loss of inches, weight loss on the scale, strength gains, increased muscle mass, elongated muscle definition, improved posture, greater range of motion/flexility, and improved physique and health overall.

Do you have segments that focus on the inner thighs or back of the arm to make them smaller? These are troublesome areas for many women.

Ballet Body workouts include anatomically focused segments to challenge all muscle groups; however, if you are looking to spot reduce certain areas on your body, all of the inner thigh and tricep segments in the world will not necessarily eliminate body fat in these problem areas. The only healthy and inexpensive way to reduce body fat in a certain area is to lose body fat overall through diet, resistance training, and cardio. When we lose body fat through this regimen, we tend to lose body fat in certain areas faster than others. For some people, they store body fat quite evenly throughout their body, so they may not have problem areas (unfair…right?).  However, for many people, there may be one or two areas where even with significant weight loss, the problem areas will not disappear. But, do not become discouraged because you can still make these areas smaller! For example, you can make your apple-shaped or pear-shaped body a smaller apple or smaller pear through weight loss overall. We are born with a pre-determined number of fat cells stored in certain areas of our body. We have to embrace these areas on our bodies instead of focusing so much on perfection. For someone who stores little body fat in the lower body and more in the middle, instead of focusing on how much you don’t like your middle, show off your legs and appreciate what you love about your body.

Ok, if I want to make my trouble areas smaller, I will focus on losing weight overall…but shouldn’t I be working these areas more?

This is the classic spot-reducing misconception that you need to work the trouble areas more to make them smaller. Even if you understand the concept that you need to lose body fat overall, it is hard to let go of the mindset that working these areas more than other areas will cause any improvements. For example, I receive countless emails with question regarding how to slim the inner thighs and what segments target this area. You may even still hear or believe that you can turn fat into muscle, but this is NOT physiologically possible. To get a better understanding, let’s explore the basic principles of body building to see what happens when we work a muscle. When you exercise a muscle, it causes microscopic tears (the cause of delayed onset muscle soreness or DOMS) in the muscle fiber. Following, the muscle begins the repair/rebuild process resulting in a thicker and stronger muscle fiber. Repeating the muscle break down/muscle repair process results in hypertrophy(muscle growth) over time as the body progresses and adapts to the training stimulus. Understanding muscle growth results from working the muscle, it does not make sense to work a muscle group more than the recommended guidelines to make it smaller.  For example, let’s say you have a lot of body fat stored on the back of the arms and you want to make this area “go away”. You may believe you are fixing the problem by performing a lot of tricep focused workouts.  However, without loss of body fat from diet and exercise combined, the results will be an increased girth of the arm due to the hypertrophy of the tricep muscle underneath the layer of body fat. In addition, ignoring other muscle groups because they are not “problem areas” is not the solution. It is important every muscle group is exercised and not just the muscles that are hidden under body fat to increase total lean muscle mass while providing muscular balance and strength. Do not be afraid of gaining muscle mass if you have body fat to lose because if you are following a regimen of exercise and eating a healthy diet that contributes to weight loss, you will gain muscle mass at the same time you are losing body fat contributing to a slimmer and more fit physique overall.

I have a past injury and it hurts to perform certain exercises. Can I modify your workouts and still get results?

If you have any injury or pain with exercise, it is best to consult your physician, physical therapist, or health care provider before beginning the Ballet Body workout programs. Consult with your provider about these exercises and discuss your issues because you know your body best and hopefully your doctor/PT/provider can offer you the best advice before following any workout program. Even though many of the Ballet Body exercises are therapeutic, certain exercises can bother someone based on their anatomy or past injuries. Yes, you can modify exercises and sometimes you may want to just avoid specific exercises. Here are some of my guidelines to get the most of the Ballet Body workouts to ensure proper form and avoid aggravating any past injuries.

Rule #1. If you feel pain repeatedly with the same exercise with the exempt of intense muscle burning, do not perform the exercise! If you work through pain, more than likely you are causing more inflammation and aggravation. This may result in needing to abstain from exercise for long period of time if you work through pain. See your doctor to find out the underlying issue.

Rule #2. If you have wrist pain with the exercises, it can be a matter of improper form, weak wrists, or previous injury. In some cases, you should avoid plank work. Read more about wrist pain.

Rule #3. Sometimes the smallest tweak will improve your form and as a result, you will be able to easily perform an exercise without strain or pain. Listen to form cues and continually pay attention to your form. Using a mirror is always helpful.

Rule #4. Decrease the range of motion for exercises if you are worried about performing certain movements or if you have recently been cleared to exercise after rehabbing an injury. Starting off with a smaller range of motion will protect your joints while improving your strength without straining.

Rule #5. Listen to your body with every exercise. Even at an advanced fitness level, you can injure yourself pushing yourself too hard or forcing movement through fatigue in complex movements. For example, you perform a side plank and all of the sudden you feel a pain in your shoulder.  If something doesn’t feel right, avoid that exercise for 48 hours.  We are never too good to modify an exercise! Even if you have performed the exercise a million times before, rest your body or apply rule #4 to see if it helps. Especially when your muscles are sore or fatigued, you need to be very mindful to not overdo it.

Rule #6. If you perform the advanced variation and it bothers your knees (one legged parallel) or shoulder joint (one legged side plank) for example, more than likely you are not ready to perform the advanced variation. It’s ok…you will get stronger but you have to be patient. Go back to the modified or intermediate version before advancing.

Rule #7. Rest days are absolutely necessary!  These days are just as important as training days. If you do not allow your body to recover, you are putting yourself at risk of overtraining and injury.  Think about how busy your muscles are working on rest days to rebuild and repair.  Enjoy at least 1 day off every week!

Rule #8.  Be patient with your body.  Follow the modifications and before you know it you will be stronger!

Can I combine other training programs with Ballet Body® ?

I do not advise combining other training programs when following any of the Ballet Body® training systems or the DVD workout plan to prevent overtraining and changing results.  Ballet Body offers an effective resistance training program to help you lose inches, improve your physique, elongate your muscles, build strength, and define your muscles.  The only workouts necessary to include with the training systems are cardiovascular workouts and this means any rhythmic, endurance workout (walking, dancing, running, cycling, swimming,etc).  Do not perform kickboxing, kettle bell, or boot camp workouts that combine resistance training with cardiovascular intervals in conjunction with the Ballet Body®  Systems. This can be confusing but these types of workouts are not “cardio”.  Yes they achieve cardiovascular benefits but at the same time work the muscles (break down the muscle fibers), and with BB training systems, rest days are vital to achieving success.  Combining other workouts will either cause overtraining or work against the results and benefits you achieve with Ballet Body.  If you want to elongate your muscles with the Ballet Body segments, but then perform kettle bell exercises, you are working your muscles in two completely different ways and therefore your results will suffer. Repeated training soley in the elongation techniques will result in longer and leaner muscles. Because Ballet Body offers complete total body training systems, there is no need to add additional workouts. However, you can include a yoga class once a week with Ballet Body.  During the 4-6 weeks after completing the workout systems, you can perform any type of workout that is different from the Ballet Body workouts.  I encourage the boot camp, kettle bell, and traditional resistance training with heavy weights for this 4-6 week interval.

Terms and Conditions

Refunds for digital downloads:
All digital download purchases are non-refundable. Please save the downloadable files to your computer and/or external hard drive/DVD to prevent loss of movie files. Leah Sarago, LLC will resend digital downloads if there are any errors or problem with the files. Leah Sarago, LLC is not responsible for lost or deleted digital downloads from personal computer/media devices; however, Leah Sarago Fitness holds a high standard for customer care and will work hard to help customers with any issues regarding the downloads. Please be advised you need to back up files. Product download links sent with post purchase emails will expire.

Returns and Refunds on non-digital products:
Ballet Body hoodies and tank tops will be a final sale purchase. No refunds or returns will be granted on clothing unless there is a defect with the item you receive.

Shipping/Delivery Policy:
All digital products will be delivered automatically after purchase to your email account. Please wait a few minutes to receive product notification emails and check your spam folder if you do not see an email.

Leah Sarago, LLC offers secure checkout with Leah Sarago LLC does not use your personal information and/or email address for marketing purposes and information is never disclosed to third parties.

When will I receive my Ballet Body Fan Club kit?
The Ballet Body Fan club kit will ship within 48 hours via USPS. Allow 5-7 days for U.S. shipping and up to two weeks for international shipping.

Sizing and exchanges for tank tops in the fan club kit?  
Exchanges for a different size is allowable up to 14 days.