•  Ballet Body Total Body DVD: Strengthen, Define and Elongate


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  • Ballet Body Signature Series #2 – Core

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    Choose from over 150 Ballet Body digital downloadable workouts to help you achieve a strong and feminine physique.  Ballet Body downloads offer muscle elongation techniques, form pointers, and exercises inspired by ballet, dance, yoga, pilates and traditional resistance training. The downloads are categorized by anatomical focus including lower body, upper body, core, or combination focus. In addition, there are prenatal/post natal workouts and metabolic resistance training (MRT) downloads to choose from.  These downloads ranging from 10 to 30 minutes in length can be purchased individually or in a bundle through the Ballet Body Training Systems. Stream new workouts plus get access to the Ballet Body library.

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  • Ballet Body Fan Club - Leah Sarago Fitness

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    Get answers to the most common questions including general information about the store, everything you need to know about digital downloads, and Ballet Body questions from where to get started to detailed instructions for the Ballet Body Training Systems. Get your answers here!

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