“I have to admit I’ve gotten the best results utilizing Leah’s expertise. Based on dress size alone my result specifically from Ballet Body has been going from an 8 to a 4. More importantly than size I’m in love with every new muscle that magically appears. Leah continues to motivate and challenge me every day by the results I see her achieving from Ballet Body and after almost 12 months she continues to change my life one plank & plie at a time!

I was 35 years old happily married raising 2 beautiful girls and completely content living a sedentary life.  Then in an instant I received the life changing call, “Honey, don’t be alarmed but the neurologist just confirmed I have a brain tumor.”  “Ummm, BUT YOU JUST WENT IN FOR AN EYE EXAM!” I screamed before the fear crept in and nearly paralyzed me.  Fast forward 3 years later and I’m happy to report my husband is healthy as an ox and equally as stubborn.  He was diagnosed with a pituitary tumor that I’ve since learned is very common and more importantly treatable.

After we recovered from the diagnosis we knew we were given a second chance at living a healthier life.  We started by getting our food right.  No fad diets!  Just eating good, wholesome foods our grandparents use to eat.  Then the next logical step was exercise.   I got moving.  Barre style workouts were the first thing I tried and lucky for me it clicked right from the start.  I was 5’, 165 plus pounds and this workout allowed for modification crucial for my fitness level.  I stuck to this 1 DVD for 16 months and honestly received fantastic results but ended up plateauing and getting bored from the lack of variety.  As I searched for bigger and better things Ballet Body came into my life and I haven’t been disappointed since.  I love Leah’s method of integrating Ballet inspired moves along with Yoga and Pilates.

Mach 2012 will mark my 1 year anniversary as a subscriber.  Currently I’m 19 weeks into the Periodization Plan and I have to admit I’ve gotten the best results utilizing Leah’s expertise.  It’s impossible to get bored because there are so many segments to choose from and this is the closest thing I’ve found to a live class without having to leave my living room.  Based on dress size alone my result specifically from Ballet Body has been going from an 8 to a 4.  More importantly than size I’m in love with every new muscle that magically appears, I have more energy than ever before and I’m most proud of the positive, healthy role model I’ve become to my girls.

Aileen | Florida

“I purchased the Ballet Body Subscription at the end of June 2010. I was skeptical at first because I wasn’t too sure what it was about.

I knew it was barre workouts done in 10 to 15 minutes segments focusing on different body parts. I’ve already been doing barre for a year and had wonderful success with losing the last ten pounds of post pregnancy weight that hung around even after my last child turned four years old. That’s why I was hesitant to purchase Ballet Body because I was thinking what more can another barre workout do for me when I’m already at my goal weight. But with the encouragement of my fitness friends who already had Ballet Body, I decided to give it a try. I am so glad that I did listen to my friends and purchase Ballet Body because after trying my very first workout (which I believe was Accent Des Trois) I was hooked! I couldn’t get enough of Ballet Body. I loved how Ballet Body challenged my mind and my body with each segment.

Around the time of purchasing Ballet Body, I was also training for my second half marathon in September 2010. I decided to incorporate Ballet Body into my half marathon training. I used Ballet Body three to four times a week along with three days of running. The half marathon that I was running in September I was going to be a pace rabbit. The pace that I was assigned to was slower than my usual time, but I wasn’t to concerned because I wasn’t consistent with my running throughout the year. Towards the end of my half marathon training, I found myself using Ballet Body segments more than running. My body was craving for this type of exercise, moreso than running. The day of the marathon I was a bit concerned because I didn’t train for the marathon using traditional methods. Also, I was worried that since I was a pace rabbit, I had people relying on me to help them finish the marathon at a specific time. But my worries were subsided as soon as I started running. I found a comfortable pace and kept to the required times/pace to complete the marathon at my given time. I felt good throughout the run and I crossed the line eight minutes earlier than my given time! Afterwards, I had no soreness or stiffness and my muscles felt great. The day after the marathon my body felt good and it sure didn’t feel like I ran a half marathon the day before. I strongly believe that Ballet Body helped me with my half marathon. The barre segments and the stretch segments made my body strong that I was able to run the half marathon without using a traditional half marathon training schedule.

After the half marathon, I stopped doing cardio all together. I found myself not motivated at all to do any cardio and all I wanted to do was Ballet Body. I was hestitant at first to stop doing cardio because I was afraid that I might gain weight without the added fat burning component. I decided to use more Ballet Body segments that had more cardio effect than other Ballet Body segments such as Parallel Lunges, Crossover Diagonal Foldovers, Standing Abs, Cardio Arms, etc. I used Ballet Body six times a week and in a month of doing just Ballet Body with no cardio, I had lost three pounds! I wasn’t expecting to lose any weight nor did I want to lose weight because I was already at my goal weight, but I can’t lie, I was pleasantly surprised and happy.

Over the years, I have purchased many fitness dvds. I have a wide assortment, but without a shadow of doubt, Ballet Body has been the best purchase I have made regarding my health and fitness goals. Ballet Body has all the fitness elements that I am looking for: cardio, strength, and flexibility. Ballet Body has tested my strength and I have gotten a lot stronger especially in my upper body. I look and feel better and I hold my head up high knowing that I am in the best shape ever.

Thank you Leah for making Ballet Body. Ballet Body has allowed me, a home exerciser to experience a way to take a “live” barre class in my own home. You have created segments that have variety and different levels of intensity that challenges my mind and body. Leah, you are innovated and creative and hope you continue making more segments with Ballet Body. Ballet Body is truly a gift to me and I hope others can experience how wonderful Ballet Body really is.”

Glenda Winter | Saskatchewan, Canada

“Ballet Body is one of the most comprehensive workouts I’ve ever used.

I’ve never been able to stick to rotations. I’ve been working out consistently for over five years now, but my workouts have jumped all over the place. I’ve never stuck to just one method or system for any amount of time. I’ve tried to plan rotations but I never stick to them, I’m easily overwhelmed by everything that is out there. I have a constant desire to do it all: Yoga, Pilates, Kick boxing, Barre, Kettle Bells, Dance, traditional weight training, circuit training, etc.

I tried Ballet Body in mid 2010, but I didn’t stick to it back then. I was apprehensive about working out from my laptap and I didn’t have any other portable media player. I enjoyed the workouts, but there were too many other workouts on the market calling my name. In early 2011, after reading all the rave reviews, I decided to give it another shot. It was instant love!! I think I had a new appreciation for Leah’s Method because during the few month period I had acquired a ton of workouts from various instructors and numerous methods. I’ve enjoyed barre workouts for a couple years now, I’ve pretty much tried all the “barre” methods out there. While I still think those are valid methods, they don’t compare to Ballet Body. I’m just amazed at how Ballet Body does it all, it integrates the best features from all the other methods, and the result is one unbelievably fun, intense and rewarding workout. Ballet body combines small isometric moves and pulses along with larger range of motion moves, stretches, balance work, and even includes a cardio element.
I currently combine ballet body, with cardio on the weekend (Mountain Biking, Hiking, Swimming, Tennis, etc). With these two components, I have seen fantastic gains in strength, stamina and even aesthetics. And I have every confidence that the results will only increase the longer I do ballet body. I truly enjoy doing ballet body. I even love the planks! Oh the evil yet wonderful planks. Thank you Leah you are amazing and you have created an amazing workout!”

Erica | Arizona

“The biggest regret I have about Ballet Body is that I didn’t subscribe right away.

I waited a whole two months before I caved. I wasn’t really sure that I wanted to be part of the membership only because I am a student and I wasn’t sure if I could be a part of it. However, I bought it as a birthday present for myself, and I never ever looked back. This is the best present I’ve ever received because it just always gets better and better.

On August 5th 2010, I was severely overweight, and I decided to commit to Ballet Body as Leah recommends (3 hours a week minimum of Ballet Body, cardio, and rest). I could barely do anything. I couldn’t do all the holds or the even complete the reps or sets. However, Leah was very encouraging. She is “soft and instructional” when she needs to be, and then when you are about to keel over and die, she’s like, come on, you can do it for FOUR!

On August 5th 2011, I was keeping up with Leah in the older workouts while she was continually challenging me in the new stuff. Just when you think she’s done it all, she releases a new type of workout. Friday’s are the best days of my week – because it’s Ballet Body Day. The more you do this methodology the stronger you get and the more “difficult” the system becomes. This is in part because your form gets better and you want to challenge yourself more every time to feel your muscles quiver and shake. Leah challenges you and you never really see it coming because it’s all built in. Name a piece of anatomy you want to work, and Leah has created a workout (there are over 80 and counting) to target that body part. It hit me a few weeks ago that I can actually do big girl pushups because Leah has micro-bend pushups and then real pushups… it’s the little things that you continue to build upon to get stronger. The Ballet Body workout downloads are like being in a live class with one on one instructions. You can use your computer, burn workouts to DVD, or connect your iPod to your television.

To anyone (very) overweight, out of shape, or haven’t exercised in ages – I am telling you right now: YOU CAN DO THIS. Don’t think “Oh, no, I’m too big, I’m too weak, or I won’t get a ballet body.” Modify when you need to, rest when you need it, and the results will come. Don’t believe me? One year doing Ballet Body as my main strength workout I lost 82 pounds and 32 inches. I am right now doing Leah’s Ballet Body Periodization System (BBPS). and once again it’s a (wonderful) learning curve. I am confident that this time next year, you will see me with a smaller “Ballet Body” as I’m already rocking one right now. Don’t let anything dissuade you from getting this. I always tell people as a student with limited funds knowing what I know now, I would make a sacrifice to get all the archives, the Ballet Body Periodization System, and Ballet Body DVDs. I would do it. I would make it work somehow. Leah Sarago changed my body and life for the better with her Ballet Body workouts. Let her change your body and life as well.

All you have to lose is weight and inches.
All you have to gain is everything else.

What on earth are you waiting for?”

Livvie | Canada

“Since I first started subscribing to Ballet Body, I really clicked with these workouts. They have a quiet intensity about them, often appearing easier on first glance than what they actually are when you do them.

They also gave me the impression of being designed and sequenced as many have the ability to completely exhaust the body parts being worked. I also appreciated that Leah seemed to bring something new and different into each segment, even ones that belong to the same series. When I switched to doing Ballet Body exclusively for toning for 12 weeks, I put together segments to form full body workouts, and did between 3.5 and 4.0 hours of these downloads a week. In addition, I did intermediate to advanced cardio workouts 3-4 times a week and tracked what I ate with a general goal of cutting about 200 calories/day.

My results were as follows:
Right Upper Arm: -0.25”
Left Upper Arm: -0.25”
Waist (narrowest point): -2.00”
Hip / Lower Abdomen: -1.50”
Right Thigh: -1.00”
Left Thigh: -1.00”
Weight: -8.5 pounds

On the whole I got smaller all over, but just as important to me I also got stronger at the same time. This was especially apparent to me in the upper body and core segments, where I started out modifying many moves but can now do most without modification. I’ve also noticed that daily activities for me, such as walking up and down stairs, are becoming easier. Ballet Body seems to work better for me than any other toning workouts I’ve done, including some that also belong to the barre and barre fusion genre, and will always be part of my workout routine.”

Ella | West Lebanon, NH, USA

“I have always been active. I started with gymnastics from an early age and then moved on to running when I was a teenager.

Unfortunately, overtraining led to chronic pain in my ankles that required me to stop immediately. At the time, I was very concerned about my image and obsessed about losing weight and getting slimmer. When I reduced my activity level, I put on weight very quickly until I became someone I couldn’t even recognize when I looked at myself in the mirror.

A few years ago I heard about barre methods and how they built long lean bodies, like dancers’ bodies, and that were safe on the joints. They were not as accessible as they are now so I couldn’t really get into them, but I was still interested in them.

I started getting back to my previous body shape when I become no longer frightened of doing exercise that could hurt my joints. I started with yoga and then moved on to barre methods. I discovered Leah’s in late January / early February 2011. I first bought the archives and got so hooked that I decided to become a subscriber. I’ve never regretted it ever since. Leah’s method is not like the other barre methods. It uses the same principles but goes a step further by incorporating elements drawn from her anatomical knowledge and inspired by her love for dance and movement. Leah’s work is very creative and she always finds new ways of challenging the body. The weekly segments she releases make it easy to build your own workout and to challenge yourself constantly and keep you motivated as it never gets boring.

Leah’s workouts are something that have become a part of my (almost) daily life and I’m always excited about working out using her segments. In fact, I don’t even think about it as working out, I think about it as pleasing myself because it is something that I love to do and that makes me feel good. So not only have I lost weight and got a slimmer physique, but I’ve also reconciled myself with my body image. I’ve never felt so confident and at ease with my body and I am very grateful to Leah and Ballet Body for it.”

Ophélia | France

“Ballet Body workouts are my favorite – I am so in love with how the Ballet Body workouts are improving my life !!!

I find them Addicting, Exciting, Fantastic, Energizing, Empowering, Beautifying, Encouraging and most of all restoring my strength. Ballet Body workouts are very special to me. Being diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis it has been very difficult to find a workout that would strengthen my body without overheating it or having so much intensity that would trigger a flare. I have been to many Physical therapists have not been able to prescribe workouts that were effective at improving my coordination and strength. One PT told me that I was hopeless, that there was nothing that could be done to help my condition. Your Ballet Body workouts have strengthened my body so that I am much stronger and toned. My ability to walk has improved greatly due to all the leg exercises that focus on strengthing the calfs, thighs, hamstrings, glute and other muscles. I am able to balance better which means often I don’t need to use the cane as much. Ballet Body workouts are very do able for me. They focus on my troubled areas like the hips, glute, saddlebags, abs, well and the all the other areas with a gentleness that allows my body to improve in strenth, flexibility, and balance. Even though the workouts are gentle, they challenge my muscles intensly allowing me to become stronger rather quickly. I am amazed at your genius when I do the workout because you seem to know all the ways to target muscles precisely by slightly changing the position of the movement and the repeated reps. You use a variety of exercises that I haven’t seen so my body is challenged by each workout. Thank you very much for the wonderful workouts you provide.”

Cindy | California

“I had been a regular exerciser for many years, prior to beginning Ballet Body training in December 2010.

I ran an average of 10 to 15 miles a week, and took yoga and gym classes to stay fit. But a move to a smaller town forced me to change my workout routine; when I could not find a fitness center that catered to my needs, I began to consider the option of working out at home. It seemed like a good idea, because I could save both time and money. So I stocked up on exercise DVDs, and that worked well – for a while. I found that I really clicked with barre-style workouts, and their focus on high energy/low impact movement. But I had soon done these DVDs so many times that I memorized all the moves, the choreography, and the commentary… my body and mind knew exactly what to expect. I was craving more variety. That’s when I found Ballet Body, through a fitness forum I visit. I loved the idea of a downloadable product (a great way to avoid the hefty shipping and customs fees to Europe!), and weekly new content. I decided to take the plunge and subscribed – and I have been hooked ever since! I soon realized this was exactly what I had been looking for. Leah’s workouts are incredibly challenging, creative, and empowering. Her instruction is excellent, which has really helped improve my form. But most of all, the workouts are fun and effective! Nine months into Ballet Body training I am awe-struck by the results. When I started the program, I did Ballet Body 4 times a week as my main form of strength training. For the first couple of months, I combined segments for a total body workout. After making significant gains in strength and stamina, I opted for a split workout routine to further my progress. With over 80 segments to choose from, boredom is never an issue! I was in good shape and at a healthy weight when I started; but I am now stronger than ever -both physically and mentally. My legs and arms have become incredibly lean and defined and at last… I can SEE my abs! More importantly, my performance and endurance in all the sports I enjoy have never been better (I recently shaved 5 minutes off my last half marathon time!). Ballet Body helped me develop the strength, determination and drive to push myself just that little bit further when I work out. Thank you Leah, for creating an amazing workout system that I find easy to stay consistent with. That continues to challenge my strength, stamina, flexibility and mental focus after many months of using it. Ballet Body has taken my fitness to a level I did not know I could reach – and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to get in the best shape possible!”

Evelien | Amsterdam, the Netherlands