“Ballet Body is intelligently sequenced to lean and tone your body while building incredible strength.

I stumbled upon Ballet Body through some video forums. By the time I discovered Leah, I had already invested in numerous other types of barre DVD’s but since beginning her periodized system, they have all been stacked in the corner, collecting dust. Don’t be fooled by her calm and soothing voice, her workouts are tough! I love that there is a new download to look forward to every Friday! Try it out, you will be addicted!”

Rachael | Orange County, CA

“Leah’s Ballet Body segments are deceptively tough as each has the ability to completely exhaust the body part worked. These include some movements that I haven’t seen at all before as well as unique twists on ones that I have.”


“I discovered Ballet Body through a fitness-related forum online. I got curious. I bought the Periodization System and started right away. After only a week, I broke a two-month long stall in my weight and measurements loss (lost over 3 pounds and 4 inches all over, 1.5 of them around my waist).

I’d like to highlight the fact that I didn’t do any cardio during my first week, and my only exercise were the prescribed Ballet Body segments. The workouts are challenging, but not impossible. I have to push through to finish, but after stretching I feel well stretched and ready to start off my day. Currently, I’m about to start my first recovery week. I can only imagine what the next five months will bring.”

Rebecca | Puerto Rico

“I think I’m probably one of Leah’s first subscribers. I joined and have never looked back!

I’ve been an exercise freak all my life; always looking for something new and Ballet Body fit the bill. I would consider myself an advanced exerciser but these workouts humble me! I was using them as add-on’s but now I’m adhering to the Periodization Plan and loving them even more. I patiently wait for the newest workout to be delivered to my inbox because I can’t wait to download it! Leah continually changes every single workout to constantly challenge the muscles–like nothing I’ve ever experienced with other workouts. I love Leah and Ballet Body!”

Tracey | Pittsburgh, PA

“I am a real advocate of your program. It basically transformed my body in a short amount of time. The workouts are tough, but I have never injured myself doing any of them because of your thorough explanation of form during any exercise. Please keep going.”

Callie | Tennessee

“I have been working out for years and NEVER found any type of exercise as effective and fun as Ballet Body. I can’t wait for her DVD to come out.

I first met Leah Sarago at a fitness center. She was teaching Ballet Body and I took her classes. I noticed very quickly the change in the definition in my upper arms and my thighs. Her workouts were ALWAYS different which made the classes fun and never boring. She is always precise about how to do the exercises which made them easy to follow. I took her classes 1 to 2 times per week and still do her workouts on line.”

Melissa | Franklin, Tennessee

“I am four weeks into the plan and I am already seeing results, my clothes are looser and I had a nagging hip flexor injury that no longer hurts (thanks to Leah’s excellent instruction).

I first heard about Ballet Body and Leah Sarago from Video Fitness Reader Forum and people were posting how wonderful the program was so I wanted to check it out for myself. I am not a “techie” person and have never downloaded workouts before but it was very simple. I would just download the files and then bring them into my iTunes and make simple playlists like I do with my music or just burn them to disk and play them in my DVD player. I am a person who likes structure so what sold me was the Ballet Body Periodization System a comprehensive 24 week plan where you do certain exercises each week that build on each other. I have always been an advanced exerciser who worked out at home but I never followed comprehensive plan, I feel like the Periodization Plan is rounding out my weak areas that I have neglected before. I also used to do the same DVDs over and over again and at this point I can’t go back to that I love the challenge that each new workout brings. Give this a try you will not be sorry!”

MD | Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina

“I have tried many barre type workouts the past couple years, but nothing comes close to comparing to Ballet Body.

Ballet Body has changed my body! I have lost inches off my thighs, and my muscles are toned and lean. Every other program I tried would bulk my muscles so easily, but not Ballet Body. Ballet body is completely different from any program that you will ever try. Leah is such a great instructor and she has helped me achieve the body I have always wanted, thanks Ballet Body!”

Alecia | California

“I am so happy that I subscribed to Leah’s workouts!
The workouts are all fantastic.

Leah’s clear and concise explanations and modification tips make all the exercises completely doable. As the daughter of woman who suffers from Parkinson’s, I realize that I had taken standing straight for granted. Her form and posture are impeccable and it’s satisfying to know her workouts really are about strength and balance. Also, Leah seems like she is a lovely person in “real” life.”

Becky S. | Hazlet, New Jersey

“I was instantly hooked with her modern take of ballet-inspired sequences, and yoga and pilates influenced work. I found her style unique and very efficient. Her signature is VERY clear. Speaking as a male, BB workouts have really helped me reach some fitness goals that I thought impossible. I feel fit.

I discovered Ballet Body following the work of founder Leah Sarago, who I met through some of her previous work including ” 10 Minute Solution: Dance off Fat Fast”, or the different DVDs she created “Warrior” and “Release”.  Her method offers a tightness other trainings fail to deliver. I highly recommend this method to anyone who thinks they have “tried it all”. With BB you will never reach a plateau. Leah provides frequent and innovative content that literally keep us on our toes and our muscles guessing, so the workouts are never repetitive or boring.”

Francisco Rascon | Hermosillo, Sonora, México

“I have spent hundreds of dollars on ineffectual workouts. Your program is the best investment I’ve made – bar none. Looking forward to more.”

Janis | New York

“I really appreciate the thought Leah has put into the Ballet Body workouts. No two of them are alike. They offer enough variety that we can work every muscle we have….and some we didn’t know we had without getting bored and with no risk of over training. Her attention to detail makes these downloads feel like a personal training session.

Since Leah appears to be around my oldest daughter’s age, I wondered if maybe I should try something led by an older instructor or targeted toward older exercises, but I’ve found Ballet Body is perfect for me.
After doing Ballet Body workouts for three months and the Ballet Body Periodization System for one month, I can run faster, kick higher, lunge deeper, and do better jump kicks and tuck jumps in my kickboxing workouts. I think maybe it’s because of the lower body muscular endurance work in Ballet Body. My purpose for working out is really to improve the quality of my life, not the quality of my other workouts. But if Ballet Body is helping me with my other workouts, just imagine how much it’s doing for my real life! Another bonus is that I’ve lost an inch and a half from my waist, my legs are firmer, and my arms have more definition. I’m committed to following the BBPS to the end. I can’t wait to see the results after 24 weeks.”

Rhonda | Texas